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All products ESI use are environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Our Services

ESI has a range of natural products used for both vegetation enhancement and suppression.

Our Work Experience

ESI has vast experience in hydromulching and hydroseeding.


Hydromulching is the hydraulic application of water, seed, fibre, binders, fertiliser and other products to a surface in a slurry.


Hydroseeding uses the same machinery as hydromulching to apply a mix of water, seed and fertiliser.

Erosion Control Matting

Erosion Solutions can supply and install a range of matting materials and customise these applications to suit specific site requirements.

Soil Amendments

Erosion Solutions can provide soil science services and customised site solutions.

More of Our Works...

We have been operating in the hydromulching area for over 20 years and delivered works to a wide variety of clients, sites and market performance specifications.

We create erosion solutions

Erosion Solutions International (ESI) has products and systems to provide soil stability and prevent erosion in the most extreme situations. All products that we use are environmentally conscious and sustainable. Our experience and qualifications give us the capacity to provide technical advice and develop solutions tailored to the specific project requirements of each of our clients.

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